How to Shift Electric Meter


    If we want to apply for shifting of electricity connection means if we want to shift electrical connection from one premise to another premise then it is not possible. This rule is for all categories of connection like domestic, commercial, industrial except only in extraordinary circumstances, for which proper permission of managing director is required. But in the case of a private tube well connection case, the connection can be shifted from one place to another place if the following situation arises

1- If boring of tube well, got fail due to water level goes down. in this case, a certificate from BDO(block development officer) is compulsorily required to shift connection.

2- Due to chak bandi, the location of agricultural land is changed. then on a certificate from the BDO office for a change of location of connection is compulsorily required to shift the location of the connection.

But for merely change in location of the meter or changing in a location of any other related apparatus or shifting in-service cable within the same premise consumer is required to send a notice to the electricity department for approval. Within 15 days, an officer of the electricity department shall be sent written information by the consumer. If wiring is changed then the consumer must get obtain a Work Completion Certificate and Test report from a licensed electrical contractor.

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Procedure for shifting of connections

As per the supply code of the distribution company, supply code 2005,

Only the PTW connection can be shifted, in case of (a) failure of boring and (b) change of location of plot due to Chakbandi on the request of the consumer and on the production of a certificate of failure of boring from BDO or certificate of change of location of plot due to Chakbandi from Revenue Department. The consumer shall be required to deposit all necessary charges as per the cost data book and clear the electricity dues before shifting the connection. In case of the dispute pending in any court, the connection shall not be allowed to be shifted. In cases other than PTW, the shifting of connection may be allowed under extraordinary circumstances only, for which proper sanctioning of the MD shall be necessary.

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