Different types of energy meter

What is a Electricity Meter/ energy meter

An electric meter is an electrical device that measures the electrical energy consumed by any household as electricity passes into their home. mostly, it is installed at the entry point of the house where the cable from the pole enters your building. Also, we can say the electric meter installed in our house is the device that allows the utility department to charge the electrical energy we consumed in a period of time. in this article, we will see Different types of energy meter.

Initially, the electricity meter was a mechanical or semi-mechanical meter, that meter had a mechanical rotating part for measuring KWH/unit but due to friction, large space taking, and scope of getting tampered easily, it is replaced with an electronic meter. On the base of a requirement now a day, there is 4 type of meter is being used in electricity department. let us see one by one Different types of energy meters.

Different types of energy meter

1- Simple electronic meter

2-Prepaid meter

3- Smart meter

4- Net meter

What is a Electronic Meter

It is an electronic meter that is used mostly in every utility department for measuring electricity energy. these meters are low-cost meters in comparison to other electric meters. these meters are available in single-phase and three-phase both. for load up to 5 kW single meter is used and for 5 kW and above load 3 phase meter is used.

What is a Prepaid Meter

In the case of the pre-paid electric meter consumer has to recharge the meter before the use of electricity. the consumer will have to buy recharge coupons and a secret code will be available to him. and that secret code has to be entered through the digit button provided on the meter. It is used in places where tenant/renter needs an electricity connection.

What is a Smart Meter

Smart meters typically record energy near real-time, and report regularly, in short intervals throughout the day. the smart meter differs because it’s an electricity meter that can communicate remotely with its utility or electricity department. It sends consumer consumption information to his utility every 15 minutes to one hour and eliminates the requirement of a meter reader. Through smart meter, electricity department can disconnect electricity supply of consumer on dues. and reconnect also if payment is done. these all process is done through chip/ SIM Card place in meter. its SIM Card work very similar to a mobile phone.

What is a Net Meter

A net meter is used at a premise where a solar panel is installed along with an electricity connection from the local utility/electricity department. If solar panels generate excess energy in comparison to their requirement then excess energy can be sold to the electricity department. a net meter is a Bi-directional Energy Measurement meter with a Separate Energy Registration facility for import & export energy.it is a utility billing mechanism available in UPPCL, Uttar Pradesh that offers credit to residential and business customers who are making excess electricity with their solar panel systems and sending it back to the grid.

Cost of Electricity Meter /Energy meter

Type of electricity meterCost of electricity meter
Single-phase electronic meter ₹ 872
3 phase electronic meter ₹ 2921
Prepaid meter ₹ 6000
Smart meter ₹ 3400
Single-phase Net meter ₹ 1700
Three-phase Net meter ₹ 3800
cost of electricity meter

Replacement of electricity meter

The meter should be replaced to get damage. uppcl consumer can apply for replacement of meter by complaining at toll-free no. 1912. or click on the link below
https://www.upenergy.in/uppcl/en/article/rural-request and select meter related request

similarly, uppcl urban consumers can click on the link below for replacement of meter
https://www.upenergy.in/uppcl/en/article/urban-request after that click on meter-related request.

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