House load calculator

House Load Calculator “Use the House Load Calculator to quickly find out how much electricity your home appliances consume. Just enter the number of each item, and get an instant total. It’s an easy way to manage your energy usage and save on electricity bills! House Load of Utility- Bulb / Fan -60 Watt each, … Read more

Transformer Capacitor Size Calculator

To achieve ideal power factor(.99) please enter transformer capacity and current time power factor that is to be improved and then press calculate to get capacitor bank rating in kvar/mvar. Power Transformer Capacitor Size Calculator: Simplifying Reactive Power Compensation Introduction: In the realm of electrical power systems, ensuring efficient energy transfer is of utmost importance. … Read more

Capacitor size calculator for motor

Capacitor size calculator for motor Causes of Low Power Factor and Accurate Capacitor Size Calculation for Power Factor Correction: Low power factor in electrical systems is primarily caused by inductive loads, where the current lags behind the voltage by 90° in a purely inductive circuit. This significant phase angle difference between current and voltage leads … Read more

Line loss calculator

What is line loss Line Loss: The percentage of energy lost during transmission or distribution through power lines, calculated by subtracting sold energy from input energy and expressing it as a percentage . In Line loss calculator both unit of energy must be same. enter both energy and press calculate: Line loss calculator To calculate … Read more