House load calculator

House Load Calculator

This house load calculator is useful for the load calculation in watt for house hold electrical load. In this calculator by simply entering number of appliances the summation of total load shall be calculated in kw or watt. Calculator have by default all type of load mentioned in row. if any appliance not exist in house in enter zero in number of appliances calculator. in uppcl or up this calculator specially more useful.

Load Calculator
Utility NameNumberPer Utility LoadIndividual Load
Bulbs60 Watts0 Watts
Fans60 Watts0 Watts
CFLs10 Watts0 Watts
Tube Lights40 Watts0 Watts
Light Plugs60 Watts60 Watts
colorTVs100 Watts100 Watts
powerPlugs500 Watts500 Watts
fridges250 Watts250 Watts
dessertCoolers250 Watts250 Watts
geysers1500 Watts1500 Watts
1TonACs1500 Watts1500 Watts
1.5TonACs2200 Watts2200 Watts
waterPumps180 Watts`180 Watts
waterPumps1500 Watts1500 Watts
Extra Editable Item0 Watts

Total Load: 0 Watts (0 kW)

House Load of Utility-

  1. Bulb / Fan -60 Watt each, or read the rating on the bulb / fan.
  2. Tube Light -Actual rating or 40 Watt each
  3. Light Plug -60 Watt up to three plugs and extra 60 Watts for every three plugs
    or less.
  4. Television
    a) Color -100 Watt
    b). Black & White- 60 Watt
  5. Power Plug- 500 Watt up to three plugs and extra 500 Watts for every three
    plugs or less.
  6. Fridge -250 Watt
  7. Dessert Cooler -250 Watt
  8. Geyser- 1500 Watt
  9. Air Conditioner- 1 ton-1500 watt and 1.5 Ton- 2200 Watt
  10. Water lifting pump -180 Watt or 360 Watt (According to Pump) or according to the
    equipment’s original rating (Name plate & Specification).


By using house load calculator we can also analyze how to save energy by managing load. also what electrical load having high load and consume more unit (kwh).

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