Electrical Meter Lost | Procedure

What to do if Electrical Meter Lost 

If the meter of any consumer got lost then the consumer should make a complaint in the electricity department office With an FIR copy. That FIR must have been lodged by the consumer in the nearest police station. Besides this officers will also conduct inquiries by their subordinate/ sdo.

  1. Meter is considered as the custody of the consumer, whether it is his property or not, it shall be presumed.
  2. Meter connection with supply shall be restored after installation of the new meter and all due till the current month will be paid by the consumer. Or bill Payment till last month must be paid.

Punishment on deliberately stealing meter

  1. During inquiry of licensee if it is found that consumer maliciously lost his meter then as per Section 138 of the Electricity Act 2003, it shall be punishable act with Jail for a term which may extend up to three years, or with fine which may increase up to ten thousand rupees, or with both above punishment, and, in the case of a continuing offense, with a daily fine which may be increased up to five hundred rupees.

Who will bear Cost of meter

             In case of loss of meter. Meter cost shall be paid by the consumer to the department consumer.

Billing/assessment during the Lost period of meter

  1. The Consumer will be billed for the period between the date of the last ok reading and installation of the new meter. the revised bill will be made based on the average consumption and average maximum load of three previous billing cycles before the last reading-based billing. If in between a provisional bill was made then, that provisional bill amount shall be accordingly deducted from the final revised bill.
  2. if due to any reason the recorded consumption of the past three billing months before the date Lost of meter is not available or available but partially, the consumption pattern Shall be taken from an average consumption of new meter installed against the lost meter.
  3. while calculating the average consumption of three months, season also should be taken into consideration. because consumption varies from season to season. So three-month average consumption should be taken of that season, in which month, this meter was damaged.

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  1. If electricity meter removed by the any person whose belong to the Electricity division or SDO office without given any notice and in the absence of the consumer or nobody is there at home and also without consent..then who is liable for that Act

    • there must be the consent of the consumer before removing the meter from the premise. on meter certificate consumer sign is essential. inform to divisional officer ee.


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