About Us

My name is Ashish Kumar Seth. I am working as an Executive Engineer in UPPCL an electricity department of Uttar Pradesh of India. I have done my B. Tech from HBTI Kanpur. blogging is my hobby. I write this blog to give my experience related to the electrical department to people so that it is seen a lot of times Because of being unaware of many parameters related to electrical power, they have to face problems in getting electricity connection, in understanding the bill of electricity, in getting information related to the electrical meter. To solve this and to tell people about them, I have created this blog, through which the consumer can solve their problems by getting information related to their problems and electricity. in this blog, I have shared all information related to electrical equipment, their ratings, and their work has also been mentioned in this blog, such as the transformer, cable, insulator, meter, etc. used in the distribution network.

Why this website?

We provide information in the field of electrical and its distribution. This website also answers any query that comes to your mind during taking electrical connection and in billing. Also, we provide answers to any hurdle we face in the electricity department. What is the term we use in the electricity department and each one’s description is mentioned on this website?


My Name- Ashish Kumar Seth

My Email Address- [email protected]