Documents Required for Electricity Connection

The applicant shall apply connection through the online portal (like in Jhatpat portal) or through getting an application form from the electricity office/ sdo office/EE office. This article is also useful for documents required for new electricity connection in up.


The connection shall be given to the applicant within 30 days of application submission but these days of releasing connection can be varying from state to state.

  • If premise lies within 40 meters from the nearest LT pole
  • If the premise lies beyond 40 meters from the nearest LT pole

If the premise lies within 40 meters from the nearest LT pole

  1. All dues must be cleared on-premise. Means The application shall be processed by the department on clearing of dues. for more detail regarding dues related issue
  2. There should not be any court case/ dispute on the land of the premise.
  3. The applicant is required to fill in all information in the Application form like name, address, load, etc. for new connections.

    Along with the above form, the following documents are required for electricity connection-

Documents Required for Electricity Connection

(i) Applicant is required to submit proof of ownership of his house in the form of registered sale deed or partition deed or succession or heir/ vashiyat nama certificate or deed of last will or Proof of occupancy or current date rent paid receipt or valid lease deed or indemnity form .any Order Copy of the civil or high court, in case of any case, files regarding ownership of the premises, has to be attached.

(ii) Any Approval / NOC of the local authority, if required under any personal office law.

(iii) In the case of a partnership shop/firm, the document of agreement of partnership is required.

(iv) In case of a Limited Company firm applied for connection licensee need Memorandum, Articles of Association, Certificate of incorporation and list of all Director’s, MD / certified addresses.

(v) Work completion and Test certificate also called B & L Form, on the standard form given by the licensed electrical contractor can be submitted later but before the commencement of new connection.

(vi) Owner’s consent and NOC for getting new supply connection.  

(A) Licensee shall help also. if any problem is faced by the applicant in applying new connection.

(B) The Licensee shall see the application form and all enclosed documents at the time of receipt of the application. The written acknowledgment shall be informed to the applicant on the spot. The acknowledgment shall also mention the date of proposed inspection of the premise if the application is complete, otherwise, it should indicate the reason for shortcomings and inform the applicant to complete it first.

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