What is the procedure for applying a temporary electric connection

What is a temporary connection?

The electricity department can grant temporary connection to an applicant for purpose of construction of the building or limited time work, these types of connections are used to be released only for a specified period depending on their type of use.


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The period of connection

  1. for construction of House/building – maximum 2 year
  2. for seasonal work like cane crusher/ rice mill- maximum 6 month
  3. for other types of temporary work – maximum 3 month 

These months of granting temporary connection may vary according to annual changes in tariffs.

In how much time temporary connection should be released

1-Department shall issue a temporary connection within 15 days of submission of the application if the infrastructure is not required.

2- If the infrastructure is required then 30 days from the submission of the application.

Documents required in releasing connection are as follow-

  • NOC certificate on stamp paper for giving connection by premise owner. In which, the premise owner will mention that connection can be given to the applicant, due to this he has no objection to doing so.
  • Proof of ownership-
  1.  If the applicant is not a consumer then the applicant has to submit proof of ownership like registry, heirship,
  2.  If the applicant is a consumer of the department then only a copy of the latest bill is required.
  • The temporary connection shall be released on-premises only after depositing all previous electricity dues, the only condition is if such dues there are no stay orders by the court on that premise.

The procedure of temporary connection

  1. The officer of the department will check for technical feasibility, if found ok then an estimate of the cost of the line and other charges (security and system loading charge) shall be sent to the applicant within one week of receipt of the application.
  2. After deposit of the estimated cost and the advance charge for electricity towards electricity consumption for the period for Which supply is requested (example- for 3 months of temporary supply, according to the average consumption of three months three month’s bill will be charged) and the load shall be released within 3 days for the connection of load up to 50 KW and within 20 days for loads more than 50 KW. 
  3. The load shall be released only after receipt of the NOC certificate from the Electrical Inspector in cases where 100 or more people are expected to gather.

The rule for extension of the period of supply

  1. For extension of the date of temporary connection, the consumer will have to further apply to the departmental office at least one week before the termination of the temporary connection agreement. Further 3-month Extention of supply will be provided and an extra charge will be charged to the consumer as per tariff order.
  2. in the case of construction of the multi-story building and complex period of temporary supply can be extended beyond 2 years subject to a maximum of six months in the exceptional case at the good judgment of officer of the department.

Procedure for converting temporary connection in permanent connection

In case the consumer wants to convert his temporary connection to a permanent connection then the security amount deposited will be adjusted in the security deposit of a permanent new connection.

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  1. In many occasions Bescom is taking fresh deposit for temperory connection beyond two years,the construction of house could not completed on account of corona 1st and 2nd waves.Is it possible to extend for 2 or 3 months under unforseen circumstances on the deposit paid already with the department.please clarify.
    Please clarify

  2. Is it possible to renew temporary connection of bescom online ? Or its completely done offline only ? If online is possible..how do we do it ?


  3. I have applied for the temporary after feasibility check it were found the distance is 70mtr from the pole…je has been denied for connection without any estimate….
    What can do


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