Who will pay the Electricity dues in Dispute Case

Who will pay electricity dues in dispute case, seller or purchaser

Many a time when any person purchases any old house then a problem he will face who will pay old electricity dues in case of dispute between seller and buyer then the following rule will be applicable. this rule is base on the supply code of the electricity department-

  1. Whenever a house will be purchased, then it will be the duty of the seller and purchaser to find out the outstanding amount on that purchased premise. purchaser and seller, either one or both shall be liable to pay all outstanding to electricity department. Then only they will get NOC from the electricity department.
  2. If a premise will be sold then all dues must be paid, before it has been sold. And In the sale deed/agreement there it should be mention, all outstanding including surcharge is cleared, and the method of payment also should be mentioned.
  3. If no dues certificate were not obtained by the old owner then the purchaser may go to the department office to get no dues certificate. Officer will intimate about outstanding and issue a no due certificate, in case of payment already done. Intimation will be given within 30 days of application of receiving of application in the department office.

The procedure of recovery against the defaulter

If neither owner nor purchaser pays the dues then the recovery against the defaulter shall be initiated through the collector of the district.

In the case of a company, who will pay electricity dues

Collection of the defaulting amount shall be ensured, and where the defaulting consumer is a company, recovery will be done from the directors of the company. if a financial institution has sold the property at auction regardless of considering the electricity department claims can be filed with the financial institution concerned earnestly.

In case tenant left premise who will pay electricity dues

In the case of the tenant if the tenant vacates the premise without paying the arrear then the owner would responsible for paying dues. In case tenant or renter not getting connection due to issue with the owner then read this article OWNER CAN NOT DENY FOR NEW CONNECTION TO TENANT

If the house is subdivided between family members then who will pay electricity dues.

  1. If the premises has been legally subdivided among member of the family. then The outstanding dues shall be divided in the same ratio of the value of the property.
  2. If a new connection is applied for any sub-divided premise then the share of outstanding on the old full premise shall be paid by the applicant according to the land come under the applicant. And department officer shall not force to pay rest of amount for other portion.

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