Permanent Disconnection (PD) of Electricity Connection

Definition: What is pd in electricity

Permanent disconnection of an electricity connection is the termination of the agreement of a connection which is done either through an application given by the consumer or forceful done by the department due to not removal of temporary disconnection.

Procedure for Applied Permanent Disconnection ( also called PD in electricity)

Whenever a consumer has required to disconnect his connection Permanently. first of all, the consumer has to go to the office of the executive engineer and deposit the processing fee to disconnect the connection permanently. processing fees shall be different for different categories of connection. Thereafter a letter is sent from the Executive Engineer’s Office to the SDO office. In which it is directed to SDO to submit the PD report by cutting the consumer’s line and removing the meter. PD report with the sealing certificate for removing the meter is sent back to the Executive Engineer Office. means both reports would be sent from the sdo office to the office of the executive engineer office. A consumer’s final bill is made based on the last reading of the PD report and the meter. Which the consumer has to deposit. After paying the final bill by the consumer. An office memorandum is made in which an order to disconnect the line permanently is made. After that, the connection would be deleted from the computer from the system.

The procedure may be described as following also-

 If any consumer applied for permanent disconnection ( PD in electricity) then the department should do the final PD within 30 days. Upon application for permanent disconnection, the officer of the department should arrange to take a meter reading, disconnect the connection, remove meter and cable from the premise, etc. after that department provides or send the final bill, adding all dues or arrear till the date of disconnection, within 30 days from the date PD was applied. After payment is made by the consumer, the officer will provide the final bill to the consumer with a stamp which will work as no due certificate also.

Reasons of Permanent Disconnection (PD in electricity)-

  1.  (a) when the consumer applied for permanent disconnection which leads to permanent termination of the agreement.
  2. (b) If the cause for which the supply was temporarily disconnected is not removed within six months period.
  3. Some causes of temporary disconnection are as follow-
  • The line was disconnected on dues six months before.
  • line disconnected due to low power factor.
  • The line was disconnected due to the consumer fails to deposit the additional security amount (ASD).
  •  In case of dishonor cheque.
  •  If consumers do not allow to check cable and meter etc.

If consumer, Applied for PD before completion of 2 years: 

Consumers must have to pay the minimum charges (or fixed charges, if no minimum charges are available for that particular tariff ) for 6 months or until the cumulative length of the agreement is less than two years, whichever is shorter.

Calculation of final bill in case of forced permanent disconnection

If the consumer did not pay his dues and the electricity department has disconnected the connection temporarily on dues. Then after 6 months of disconnection department will do forced PD. While the calculation of the final bill what extra amount will be added in the final bill along with the current month arrear are mentioned below. then after the final recovery section-5 will be sent to the consumer through the district collector.

  1. Surcharge -If all outstanding is not paid by the consumer, then the consumer must have to pay surcharge till the section -5 recovery notice is served, Or a maximum of eight months only.
  2. Adjustment of security deposit – during the calculation of the final bill. The security amount should be deducted first and after the deduction of the security amount, the final outstanding arrear amount will be calculated on which above mentioned surcharge will be taken from the consumer.

Penalty if bill raised after permanent disconnection

If the electricity department issues a final bill for energy consumption to a permanently disconnected connection for example such as six months after a temporary disconnection, the Consumer may complain to the discom MD under with proper receiving. If MD doesn’t take any action within 15 days of a notice served to MD then Consumer has a right to get reimbursement as mentioned on the supply code of that discom. Discom will submit total compensation given to the consumer to the electricity regulatory commission quarterly.

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  1. I got my connection permanently disconnected 13 years back. Over the time, I’ve lost all the receipts. Now I got a notice that my connection has not been disconnected and that I’ve clear the dues that runs into lakhs. Please help me and advise what should I do

  2. Hello
    My Electric meter has been disconnected 3 years back and the status type shows as PD. How do I reconnect my Electric Meter ? what is the process which is faster?
    online or in person ?

  3. My electricity meter was not running , and I have been complaining to the Mahavitaran company /electricity board since 2019 by online complaints . No action was taken to replace the meter . I had Credit on 1050 Rs .
    At present the meter status shows PD status and balance amount 0 , also the bill reading and meter reading as 0.
    I already have the deposit of 4000 Rs with them .
    One electrician who operates in the community , asked me to pay 35000 Rs to remove the PD status and install new meter . I suspect some corruption here .
    Please advise me .
    I could not find any online option to apply for correction or removal of PD .
    Your advise will be of great help to me .
    Thanks and looking forward to your advise

  4. hello ashish,
    This is an excellent support you are providing. very nice of you.
    thank you.
    did not find any info elsewhere.
    My connection is status PD for 8 months due to non payment of dues.
    Since my flat was unoccupied.
    They gave no notice of disconnection.
    they even removed the meter. my outstanding only 1100 Rs.
    What are the approximate total charges for a new LT single phase connection for residential society in new panvel , devad, navi mumbai, panvel east?

  5. My tenant’s connection was disconnected in 2006 and I have the OM (office memorandum) which my tenant provided at the time of leaving with the dispatch number and everything but now I get to know the bill is generating continuously. I went to the XEN office, and they said we don’t have the dispatch registered to verify the OM and Now they are suggesting that I need a new PD and I might need to pay.

  6. Hi,

    My electrical connection is 100 KW and we want to permanent electricity disconnection but problem is that, The Government department saying that he will taken back all materials and any cost incurred during the power connection other than the security amount shall not be refunded.

    Can you confirm whether there is any such rule and if so, can you provide any document please?


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