Electricity Temporary Disconnection

What is Electricity Temporary Disconnection

If an electricity connection is disconnected on a temporary basis like on any dues that are called Electricity Temporary Disconnection. Here in the case of TD/ temporary disconnection fixed charge and other charges will come in the bill but the energy charge will be zero.

In What case, the temporary connection will be done by the electricity department/licensee are as follow :

Temporary Disconnection

The supply shall be disconnected temporarily only after due diligence, and if the cause of the disconnection is not removed within the number of days indicated in the notice served in the manner as described in Section 171 of the Act, in each of the following cases, within:

(a) The disconnection date indicated in the notice served to the consumer, but not less than 15 days, if electricity bills on account of charges of electricity, or any sum other than a charge for electricity is not paid, provided further that the amount of bill indicated in notice is not stayed by any court of law, else, the supply shall not be disconnected. Provided that the supply shall not be disconnected, if such person deposits under protest, an amount equal to the sum claimed by the licensee, or the electricity charges for each month calculated on the basis of average charge for electricity paid by him during the preceding six months, whichever is less, pending disposal of any dispute between him and the licensee.

(b) After a minimum period of seven days, if of a particular business/industry, any activity being carried out becomes unlawful due to lack of necessary permission or withdrawal of permission from the authority competent in law.

(c) After a minimum period of seven days, if the power factor of the consumer’s installation other than the following categories of the consumer is less than 0.75, unless otherwise specified in the tariff order, during any billing period
(i) Domestic having connected load up to10 KW
(ii) Non-domestic having connected load up to 5 KW

(d) Within 48 hours,
• if the wiring, apparatus, equipment, or installation at the premises of any the consumer is found to be defective,
• if there is leakage of electricity,
• if the consumer is found to have altered the position of the meter and related
• if the consumer uses any apparatus or appliance or uses the energy in such manner as to endanger the service lines, equipment, electric supply mains and other works of the Licensee,
• if the limits of Maximum current demand at the consumer installation is exceeded beyond the limits indicated in the table under clause 4.24,
• if it is found that consumer is using electricity in any manner which unduly or improperly interferes with the efficient supply of energy to any other consumer.

(e) The disconnection date indicated in the notice served to the consumer, but not less than 15 days, if the consumer defaults in making payment of the assessed amount as a result of unauthorized use or theft of electricity as per the procedure specified in clause 6.8(e) or 8.1(c). Provided that serving of notices before disconnection shall not be essential in cases of theft or UUE where the licensee has prima facie evidence and in such other cases wherever express provisions for disconnection have been made.

(f) At least 30 days, if the consumer fails to deposit the additional security or the security
has become insufficient.

(g) After a minimum period of 24 hours, if the consumer fails to give the Licensee or his authorized person reasonable facility for such entry or performance.

(h) After a minimum period of seven days, in case of dishonoring of the cheque by the bank
(non-encashment of the cheque).

electricity temporary disconnection.

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