UPPCL Electricity Supply Code 2005

UPPCL Electricity Supply Code 2005

UPPCL Electricity Supply Code 2005 is an electricity constitution for electricity suppliers and consumers. it regulates the distribution, supply, utilization of electricit,y and working of licensees.

Brief Objective of UPPCL Electricity Supply Code 2005

The Electricity Supply Code enlists the obligations of the Licensee and consumers vis-à-vis each other and specifies the set of practices to provide efficient, cost-effective, and consumer-friendly service to the consumers. It interalia deals with the following:
(a) Procedure for new connection and for enhancement or reduction of load.
(b) Recovery of electricity charges and intervals for billing of electricity charges.
(c) Disconnection, reconnection, and restoration of supply of electricity.
(d) Tampering, distress, or damage to the electrical plant, electric lines, or meter.
(e) Entry of distribution Licensee or any person acting on his behalf for disconnecting
supply and removing the meter and/or for replacing, altering, or maintaining electric
lines or electrical plant or meter.
(f) Practices relating to the payment of bills, consumer metering, and assessment of energy.
(g) Standards of Performance for the Licensee; and
(h) Procedure for redressal of consumer grievances.

History and Reasons of UPPCL Electricity Supply Code – 2005

Under UP Electricity Reforms Act, 1999 (hereinafter referred to as the “Reforms Act”), UP
Electricity Regulatory Commission was assigned with functions to regulate the distribution,
supply, utilization of electricity, issue licenses to regulate the working of licensees and set the standards of services for the consumers as well as standards for the electricity industry in the State. While granting licenses to the then three major distribution licensees i.e. UPPCL,
KESCO & NPCL, the Commission required that the licensees should prepare distribution codes
and submit them to the Commission for approval, as a condition of the supplied license. In
pursuance of the Commission’s directions, Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL)
had submitted a draft distribution code which was approved by the Commission and was made applicable in areas served by UPPCL, Kanpur Electricity Supply Company Limited (“KESCO”), and the Noida Power Company Limited (“NPCL”) with effect from 1st July 2002. ( UPPCL Electricity Supply Code 2005 )

In the year 2004, UPPCL The Electricity Supply Code 2005 came into force, with effect from the date of its notification in the official gazette, in the areas served by all distribution licensees in the State. The licensees are being directed to take necessary action for printing the Code immediately after the notification and making it available to all field units apart from giving it wide publicity. The Code shall be available on the website of the Commission and that of licensees.( UPPCL Electricity Supply Code 2005 )

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