UPPCL Cost Data Book 2019

UPPCL stock issue rate 2021-22

The rate of centralized materials is always revised each year. it is revised by the material management organization of UPPCL. This year materials rates are revised again by MM section of UPPCL. By clicking on the download button UPPCL stock issue rate 2021-22 can be downloaded.

UPPCL Cost Data Book 2019

In supercession of all previous orders for the construction of 33 KV and LT lines, 11/0.4 KV sub-stations up to 400 KVA and 33 KV Lines, 33 KV/11 KV New Sub-station and increasing capacity of 33/11 KV Sub-stations, HVDS system, the Cost Schedules have been revised as per the enclosed schedules.

1-The rates of centralized materials are as per revised stock issue rates finalized by Material Management Organization for the year 2018-19 w.e.f. 01.04.2018 as intimated vide letter No. 140 70370(71000)/ dt. 29.06.2018. (UPPCL Cost Data Book 2019)

2-The rates of de-centralized materials are based on the average of rate received from different Discoms.UPPCL Cost Data Book 2019.

3-The cartage and erection charges have been calculated on an estimated average basis and added to the cost of work. The cartage and erection charges may vary from area to area and the actual figure may be worked out at the zonal level for adoption.

4- The total cost given on these schedules is inclusive of 3% contingency, 1.5% T&P and 31.5% establishment audit & accounts charges. GST will be applicable wherever applicable.

5-The schedules shall be used for the formulation of schemes/projects only. Estimates should be prepared on an actual basis as per the requirement of Discoms.

6-In case of difference between Cost Schedule & Cost Data Book, consumers will be charged as per Cost Data Book, while for other purpose estimation will be done as per the Cost Schedule.(UPPCL Cost Data Book 2019)

UPPCL Cost Data Book 2019

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