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The electricity act, 2003 is an Act to consolidate the laws relating to the generation, transmission, distribution, trading, and use of electricity and generally for taking measures conducive to the development of the electricity industry, promoting competition therein, protecting the interest of consumers, and supply of electricity to all areas, rationalization of electricity tariff, ensuring transparent policies regarding subsidies, promotion of efficient and environmentally benign policies, the constitution of Central Electricity Authority, Regulatory Commissions and establishment of Appellate Tribunal and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. for detail download the following pdf The Electricity Act 2003 pdf.

Download the Electricity Act 2003 pdf

(1) This Act may be called the Electricity Act, 2003.
(2) It extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
(3) It shall come into force on such date as the Central Government may, by
notification, appointment:
Provided that different dates may be appointed for different provisions of
this Act and any reference in any such provision to the commencement of this
Act shall be construed as a reference to the coming into force of that provision.

Summary of electricity Act, 2003 PDF

This part deals with the jurisdiction of the law and important definitions
This part deals with National Policy and Plan to be prepared by Central Govt. in
consultation with the state Govt. National Policy and National Electricity plan need to be
published in Gazette / Newspaper once in 5 years.
This part deals with the generation of electricity Generating company and requirement for setting up of generating station

  • Hydro-electric generation
  • Captive generation
  • Duties of generating companies
  • Directions to generating companies


This part deals with licensing for transmission of electricity, distribution, and undertaking to trade in electricity.

  1. Authorised persons to transmit, supply, etc. electricity
  2. Power to exempt
  3. Grant of license
  4. Procedure for grant of license
  5. Conditions of license
  6. Licensee not to do certain things
  7. Amendment lf license
  8. Revocation of license
  9. Sale of utilities of licensees
  10. Vesting of utility in purchaser
  11. Provisions where no purchase takes place
  12. Directions to licensees
  13. Suspension of distribution license and sale of utility Environmental and Social Policy and Procedures


This part deals transmission of electricity including inter-state, regional and interregional transmission systems.

  1. Inter-State, regional and inter-regional transmission
  2. National Load Despatch Centre
  3. Constitution of Regional Load Despatch Centre
  4. Functions of Regional Load Despatch Centre
  5. Compliance of directions
  6. Intra-State transmission
  7. Transmission within a State
  8. Constitution of State Load Despatch Centres
  9. Functions of State Load Despatch Centres
  10. Compliance of directions
  11. Grid Standards
  12. Intervening transmission facilities
  13. Charges for intervening transmission facilities
  14. Directions by Appropriate Government
  15. Central Transmission Utility and functions
  16. State Transmission Utility and functions
  17. Duties of transmission licensees
  18. Other business of transmission licensee
    PART-VI: This deals with provisions of distribution of electricity with respect to distribution
  19. Duties of distribution licensee and open access
  20. Duty to supply on request
  21. Exceptions from duty to supply electricity
  22. Power to recover charges
  23. Power to recover expenditure
  24. Power to require security
  25. Additional terms of supply
  26. Agreements with respect to supply or purchase of electricity
  27. The Electricity Supply Code
  28. Other businesses of distribution licensees
  29. Provisions with respect to electricity trader
  30. Control of transmission and use of electricity
  31. Use, etc. of meters
  32. Disconnection of supply in default of payment
  33. Standards of performance of licensee
  34. Different standards of performance by licensee
  35. Information with respect to levels of performance
  36. Market domination

This chapter deals with terms and conditions for the determination of tariffs.

  1. Tariff regulations
  2. Determination of tariff
  3. Determination of tariff by bidding process
  4. Procedure for tariff order
  5. Provision of subsidy by State Government
  6. Development of market

This part deals work of licensees includes provisions as to opening up of streets,
railways etc., overhead lines, notice to telegraph authority.

  1. Provision as to opening up of streets, railways, etc
  2. Overhead lines
  3. Notice to telegraph authority
    PART-IX: This part deals about constitution and functions of Central Electricity Authority
    PART-X: This part deals about Regulatory Commissions and its constitution, power and
    functions of central commission
    PART-XI: This part deals about appellate tribunal for electricity
    PART XII: This part deals about investigation, enforcement of assessment for electricity
    consumed by consumer by State Govt. or board or licensee.
    PART XIII: This part deals about reorganization of Electricity Board
    PART XIV: This part deals mainly about offences and penalties for misusing/theft of
    PART XV: This part deals constitution of special courts for the purpose of providing speedy
    trial of offences referred to in sections 135 to 139
    PART XVI: This part deals mainly resolution of dispute by arbitration under this Act.
    PART XVII: This part deals mainly protection of railways, highways, airports and canals,
    docks, wharfs and piers, protection of telegraphic, telephonic and electric signalling lines,
    amendment of sections 40 and 41 of Act 1 of 1894. The Electricity Act 2003 pdf.

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