Air Conditioner Electricity Consumption Calculator


A) 1 TON AC= KW ?

1 TON AC= 1036 WATT

B) 1.5 TON AC= KW ?

1.5 TON AC= 1554 WATT

C) 2 TON AC= KW ?

2 TON AC= KW=2071 WATT

But we will see in detail the actual star rating wise and ton rating wise watt calculation and another parameter.

If you have bought a conditioner according to the size of the room, then how many watts is the air conditioner based on the rating of the ton. In this article, we will tell the answer to the above question. The size of the room decides the rating of the air conditioner(TON). If a higher TON rating AC is used then wattage shall be higher. During load calculation in UPPCL, Kw is fixed as per ton of air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Electricity Consumption Calculator

AC Electricity Consumption Calculator – By using Air Conditioner Electricity Consumption Calculator we can easily calculate wattage, unit consumed, and energy charge or electricity consumption.

Before knowing the rating of AC. We first have to know EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), and then we calculate power consumption of a 1.5-ton ac.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER is a term that is used to take an idea about the utilization of the input power supply to cool the room. it is very essential to every consumer should look for better utilization of input power supply as it assists to reduce the electricity consumption and electricity bill.

EER of AC is a ratio of Cooling Capacity to the input power supply consumed. Different STAR rating of AC has a different value of Energy Efficiency ratio.

The Cooling Capacity of AC is measured as to how much amount of heat energy is removed from the room. It is given in terms of BTU / hour. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and it is defined as the amount of heat energy required o raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. If you calculate this, you will find that

1 BTU = 1055 Joule (Approx)

For 1 Ton AC, the cooling capacity is 12000 BTU/hr. Since 1 BTU = 1055 Joule, therefore, the cooling capacity of 1 Ton AC in terms of Watt will be

(12000 x 1055) / 3600 = 3516 Joules / sec.

= 3516 Watt

Similarly, if we consider 1.5 Ton AC, the cooling capacity is 18000 BTU/hr, which means 5275 Watt approx. Thus cooling capacity is fixed by the tonnage of AC.

Watt calculation for 1 ton AC

as we know per hour energy consumption for 3 star 1 ton Ac =3516 kw (approx heat removed)

Suppose if EER= 3.1 (energy efficient ratio)

EER= Heat removed in watt/power consumed in watt

3.1=3516 Watt/ power

Power= 1129 watt=1.134 kw
in the case of the inverter, ac compressor run on around 80-90% of maximum power

hence per hour watt/ consumption= 1.134*80%= 940 watt

Air conditioner Power consumption chart


Star rating1 Ton1.5 Ton2 Ton
1 Star1100W1651W2200W
2 Star1036W1554W2071W
3 Star940W1408W1878W
4 Star782W1174W1565W

Air conditioner Power consumption chart


Star rating 1 Ton1.5 Ton2 Ton
1 Star1355W2032W2710W
2 Star1279W1918W2557W
3 Star1174W1761W2348W
4 Star1100W1650W2200W
5 Star1065W1599W2131W

1.5 ton ac power consumption

As per the above consumption chart, 2 star AC WATT rating will be 1554 watts.

If we assume AC run for 10 hours in a day then

UNIT CONSUMED WILL BE- 1554*10= 15540 WH= 15.54 KWH= 15.54 UNIT ( Since 1 kwh= 1 unit)

Hence bill amount or energy cahrge will be-

For UTTAR PRADESH RURAL DOMESTIC supply rate is 3.30/ unit
hence energy charge will be= 15.54* 3.30 rs=51.2 rupees/day or 1538 rupees monthly

For UTTAR PRADESH URBAN DOMESTIC supply rate is 5.5/ unit
hence energy charge will be= 15.54* 5.5 rs=85.4 rupees/day or 2564 rupees monthly.

This can also be calculated by using the above calculator named Air Conditioner Electricity Consumption Calculator.

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