Temporary Electricity Connection Charges

How to calculate new connection charges

Temporary electricity connection charges depend on two things

1- Kw of connected laod= how many kw of connection is required. it is basically the connected kw load in the electrical circuit.

2- Duration of supply is required= for how many days a temporary connection is required


let us calculate for 1 kw tempoarry connection for 3 month(90 days) in rural area(18 hour supply)

procesing fees= 100 rs

Line charge= 398 (from cost data book of uppcl)

meter cost= 872

Advance energy charge= (L*H*F*D)*TARIFF RATE = (1* 18*1*90=1620 UNIT)*8= 12960 Rs.

GST (18%)= (100+ 398+ 872)*18%=237 Rs.

Total connection charges=100+398+872+12960+237=14581

Period for Temporary connection

electricity department may grant temporary supply for a period not exceeding 2 years for building construction and three months for other purposes (up to six months for cane crushers/other seasonal processes) of temporary nature unless otherwise provided in the tariff order.

How to apply for temporary connection

In Uttar Pradesh, applicants can apply for a temporary connection on the following link of Jhatpat portal :

CLICK ON THIS LINK- http://jtp.uppcl.org/online/frmLogin.aspx

or on another way connection can be taken electricity department office as mentioned below:

(b) Application for temporary supply shall be given in the format prescribed to the local office of the Licensee at least 15 days before the day when supply is required where no new pole or mains extension is required and 30 days where additional pole(s) or mains extension Is required along with the following documents:

Document required in the temporary connection

(i) No objection certificate, to ensure safety and security, from the local authority/owner of
the premises if the supply is required at a place owned by the local authority/owner of
the premises.

(ii) Proof of ownership in case applicant is not a consumer of the Licensee for the premises
where the temporary connection is to be given or a copy of the latest paid bill of the Licensee
in other cases.

Procedure of temporary electricity connection

(a) The Licensee shall examine the technical feasibility and if feasible shall send it to the
applicant an estimate of the cost of the service line and other charges within a week of the
receipt of application.
(b) The Licensee shall also intimate the charges towards electricity consumption for the
period for which supply is requested, as per tariff approved by the Commission from time to time.

(c) After deposit of the estimated cost and the advance charge for electricity as intimated above, the load shall be released within 3 days for loads up to 50 KW and within 21 days for loads exceeding 50 KW [with proper metering]. However, the load shall be released only after receipt of approval in writing from the Electrical Inspector in cases where 100 or more people are expected [to gather in a congregation at one place.

(d) The date of availing of the temporary supply may be got amended, to a date not later than 90 days of the date in the original sanction, by the consumer/applicant, by applying to the authority who sanctioned the load, at least three days before the commencement date indicated in the order.

(e) In case any permit/license / NOC is withdrawn by the competent authority after the
connection is energized, the supply shall be disconnected forthwith and shall be reconnected
only after the permit/license / NOC is restored. Further, Licensee shall not be liable for any
damages. Reduction of any charges or refund shall not be permissible on this account.

(f) For further extension of the period of temporary supply, the consumer/applicant shall
apply to the Licensee at least one week before the date of expiry of temporary supply. The
Licensee may grant extension subject to the provisions of clause (a) and deposit by the
consumer/applicant of the advance charges of electricity, for the period of extension.

Security adjustment on conversion in Permanant connection

On conversion to permanent services, the security amount deposited by the consumer if any, shall be adjusted in the security deposit required for permanent connection.
Provided in the case of construction of building in colonies / multi-story complexes etc, the
period of temporary supply can be extended beyond 2 years subject to a maximum of six months in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the licensee.
Provided also that temporary connection shall be released on premises only after clearing of electricity dues if such dues are not stayed by the court.


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