Electricity B & L form & personal bond

What is B & L form for electricity connection?

The B&L Form is a work com­ple­tion cer­tifi­cate and electrical test re­port that one is sup­posed to get by the applicant from a qual­i­fied con­trac­tor, cer­ti­fy­ing that the proper and safe elec­tric­ity wiring had been done on the applicant premises for which the power con­nec­tion has been sought. The power depart­ment is not sup­posed to re­lease the con­nec­tion with­out that cer­tifi­cate earlier. from this article you can dowload Electricity B & L form & personal bond for new electricity connetion link given below.

Initially, for the release of a domestic light fan connection applicant is required to submit a B &L form or personal bond. and no B &L Form will be required if Personal Bond has been given by the Domestic Light/Fan Applicant. but now UPPCL has announced that :

“On the Jhatpat portal, the option of both bond letter or B&L form is available to domestic consumers.  Which gives rise to confusion.  In continuation of the notification of the government, now on the Jhatpat portal, the domestic category of light fans will be released only on the basis of a bond instead of connection B & L form.” 

Download UPPCL Order for PERSONAL BOND in place of B & L form

Download Personal Bond from for B & L form

For domestic light fan connection personal bond for b & L form can be downloaded from the following link :

Download B & L form for non commercial and industrial connection

For non-domestic connections like commercial, industrial, and private tubewell connections following b& L form can be downloaded from the following link :

This all about Electricity B & L form & personal bond.

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