kW to cable size chart

kW to cable size chart

How many mm2 of cable size will be used to connect the house circuit or MCB to the nearest pole and how many mm2 of cable size will be used to connect the different load (etc light, fan, ac) equipment to the switchboard in the wiring of the house. The answer to the above question can be achieved by the following chart. MCB rating according to kW load of the house can be obtained by this chart also. As we know in-house wiring and for the main power supply to house copper wire cable is used with PVC insulation, hence in the chart cable of copper wire cable rating is described. kW to the cable size chart as the name itself revealed if we applied a new connection to electricity department then according to sanction load how many rating cable size is required can be obtained by this chart.

kW (LOAD) Cu CABLE SIZE in mm2 Current Rating(A) MCB Rating(A)
0.5 kW0.75mm2 6-8A6A
1 kW 1.5 mm26 – 12A8A
2 kW2.5mm’12 – 18A15A
3 kW2.5mm’12- 18A15A
4 kW4 mm218 – 25A20A
5 kW6 mm225-45 A25A
6 kW6mm225-46 A25A
7 kW10 MM245-52 A45A
8 kW10 MM245-52 A45A
9 kW16 mm268 – 72 A70A
10 kW16 mm268 – 72 A70A
11-16 kW20 mm270-75 A72A
17 – 18 kW25 mm280 – 92 A85A
19 – 25 kW35 mm2115 – 125 A120 A
26 to 28 kW50 mm2125 – -140A130A
28 -40 kW120mm2170 – 210 A190A
upto 80 kW150mm350 – 400 A385A


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