Advanced Ways of electricity theft

Advanced ways of electricity theft

The consumer can reduce their electricity bills by stealing electricity. Electricity theft is the criminal practice of stealing electrical power. Energy theft can be in the form of deception such as meter tampering, illegal connections (bypassing meter connections), physical destruction of energy meters, stop the rotated disk of energy meters, and storing units by the meter reader. Energy theft cases occur in most regions of the world In this article, we will describe all advanced Ways of electricity theft.

1- Direct hooking from line
2- Meter bypass
3- Tampering meter
4- By storing readings(kwh)
5- By Damaging the meter

6- Physical obstruction

Direct hooking from line

In this way of electricity theft, the person consumes electricity illegally by connecting cable direct from the nearest LT line /pole without a legal electrical connection. In this case, the whole unit is stolen by the person doing the theft. Such an electrical theft method is also called as Katia connection.

Meter bypass

In such a case, the power (kwh) or electrical energy(kwh) is illegally consumed by the consumer through the additional cable by disconnecting the service cable before the meter. Meaning that the cable which goes from the nearest pole to the meter, the power is stolen by the consumer by using the second cable by cutting the main cable before the meter. In such a case, some energy passes through the meter, whose bill will be deposited by the consumer through the bill. But the energy that flows through the cable before the energy meter will be counted in the power theft. Meaning half the energy will be stolen and half the bill will be deposited by the consumer.

By tampering meter

In such a case, the meter is slowed down by applying a device or a resistance inside the meter. The meter is slowed down by applying the resistance in parallel or series across the C T of a meter. In this case of theft, the bill of some unit of meter is deposited by the consumer. And the rest is not measured by meter because of resistance therefore, the bill is less in such a case.

By storing readings(kwh)

In such a case, the consumer makes a bill for reading less than the consumption in his meter through a meter reader. And pays the bill of low readings. And when too much reading is stored, the meter is replaced illegally.

Example- Suppose the consumption of a consumer unit is as follows

Jan 20 – 100 units

Feb20 – 200 units

Consumption would be 200-100 unit = 100 units

But the reader will post 150 instead of 200 units in feb20 and 50 units will be stored and will post fewer units every month and will create a bill by the meter reader. the gradually large amount of reading (kwh) will be stored. And after a few months, the meter will be replaced by showing the meter is damaged and store reading will be abolished.

By Damaging the meter

As we know, if a meter is a damaged then IDF based bill is created. And in the case of IDF billing, a bill is generated on an average unit basis from month to month. The consumer intentionally damages the meter and would say to meter reader make low unit bill in three consecutive months so that average of three-month bill be lower and causes the reader to have a lower unit bill in three months so that the IDF-based bill will result in a lower unit bill as per the three-month average.

For example- Jan 20- 50 unit bill was made

40 unit bill made on Feb 20

If 30 units bill is made in March

The bill on IDF will become an average 40 unit bill. While the consumer spends 100 to 200 per unit per month he may run Ac. But the bill on IDF will become a bill of 40 units only.

Physical obstruction

This type of tampering is done to electromechanical type meters with a rotating element. Foreign material (device) is placed inside the meter to obstruct the free movement of the disc. A slower rotating disk signals less energy consumption.

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Note-Electricity theft is a punishable act. Advanced Ways of electricity theft for knowledge only.

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