Type of electrical line in the distribution network

a- L T line

LT line means low tension line or low voltage line. LT line is usually used in domestic and low-power motor using industries. and voltage in the LT line can be around 220 Volts for a single-phase connection and 440 Volts for a three-phase connection.

b- H T line

the HT line in the distribution system means high tension or voltage line. voltage in ht can be 33kv 11 kv or 6.6 kv. even reach 11Kilo-Volts, meaning it is highly used by the big consumers using bulk loads like industries, apartments, big offices, plants. 

Procedure for line shifting in the distribution system

For shifting of different types of lines( like lt line, 11kv ht line,33kv line ht line), approval from different levels of officers would have to be taken. First, the consumer has to go to the nearest Executive Engineer’s office and apply for line shifting. After that, the Executive Engineer would direct for a technical possibility to the sdo of the concerned field. If the technical feasibility is OK and there is no dispute if the line is shifted from a neighbor, an estimate is made by the concerned sdo and sent to the office of the Executive Engineer. Thereafter, after taking approval from the concerned officer listed below, based on the technical feasibility report and estimate of the line given line by the Executive Engineer and after depositing the bill of estimate by the applicant, the Executive Engineer made the line shifting work through the contractor. 

Any applicant can also apply for line shifting by visiting the website of the concerned department. Apart from this, the toll-free number of the department For example, on 1912 can also be applied for applying line shifting. Line shifting can never be done through any financial plan of the electricity department. Estimates in line shifting are paid by the applicant who does the line shifting.

Administration power for line shifting of line:

Currently installed 33 KV power lines, 11 KV power lines, and LT lines. For administrative permission for shifting line. then after consumer would deposit of estimate.

33 kv line shifting-

 Approval of the managing director of concerned discom is required. then after consumer would deposit the estimated amount.

11 kv line shifting-

Approval of the chief engineer of distribution is required in case of 11 kv line shifting. then after consumer would deposit the estimated amount.

L T line/ 220 v/ 440v line

Approval of the superintendent engineer of the department is required in case of lt line shifting. then after the consumer would deposit the estimated amount.

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