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For the Urban consumers- click on link below-

For the Rural consumer- click on link below

How to apply for Online Electricity Bill Revision in UPPCL-

A link has been made available on the website ( ) for any complaints or submission of online applications for online bill revision, replacement of faulty meters, permanent disconnection, category change, and name transfer by the Electricity Department of Uttar Pradesh, UPPCL. Where the consumer can get rid of his problems by making an online complaint.

Through web Self Services (WSS), the facility has been made available to consumers to apply for electricity-related services online.

Rural Servise Request and Urban Servise Request on

First of all the consumer has to go to the website of UPPCL to submit the application. If the consumer is related to an urban area, then click on Urban Service Request to the consumer. And if the consumer is related to a rural area, then click on Rural Service Request. After that, you can register your complaint by selecting whatever type of company you have.

Registration Procedure-

For the registration of the consumers, the consumer should have his electricity bill account no. and mobile no. You will have to register with the email id and the answer to a security question will also have to be written. After registration, the portal of uppcl will send the user id and password to the given email and mobile number. Users will have to log in again by using this user id password. Similarly, consumers of urban areas can also easily apply for bill revision, meter change, email id updating, and name transfer (mutation of the name) through an online medium by registering one.

user or consumer has to select any one option of the above-listed option. thereafter he has to get a login using the user id/account number and password created during registration.

For the first time, this facility has been given by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to its electricity consumers to avoid making rounds of the office.

It is often seen that consumers of electricity still have to make rounds of electricity departments for electrical works. Previously 1912 toll-free no. was used to making complaints about bill revision and supply-related issues. But by complaining, a complaint though 1912 regarding the bill, turn out to be not effective. but by using this we can give online application for all types of complaints which was not done through the other portal or ways.

Urban Service RequestRural Service Request
1.   Update Profile1.   Mobile Number and e-mail updation
2.   Name Correction2.   Name and Address Correction
3.   Address Correction3.   Bill Correction Request
4.   Bill Correction  Request4.   Category Change
5.   Mobile Number and e-mail updation5.   Ownership Change
6.   Load  Change Request6.   Meter related Requests
 7.   Load Change Request
 8.   Permanent Disconnection  (PD) Request

A brief description of all services through this portal is given below-

S.No.Service RequestDescription
1.Mobile Number
and e-mail Updation
Through this service, the consumer can apply for a change in mobile number and e-mail.
2.Name and address
The consumer can apply for correcting the name and address (incorrect/incomplete) entered in relation to his electricity connection. 
3.Bill correction
Through this service, the consumer can apply to get his wrong electricity bill corrected.
4.Load ChangeThrough this service, the consumer can apply for a reduction of load increase of his electricity connection
5.Category Change Through this service, the consumer can apply for a change of mode of his electricity connection.
6.Ownership ChangeThrough this service, the application can be made to transfer the power connection in the name of another person in case of the death of the consumer or change of ownership of the premises. 
7.Meter related
Through this service, the consumer can lodge a complaint related to the meter (meter running slowly, burning, etc.).
8.PD RequestsThrough this service, the consumer can apply for permanent disconnection. 

Electricity bill address correction online / electricity bill name correction online

Now a uppcl consumer can apply for name and address correction through this portal. if there is a minute error in name and address in the electricity bill only by uploading address and name proof a consumer can opt for name and address correction. for this rural consumers should click on the name and address correction of rural request service and urban request service.

Ownership Change /mutation of name / name transfer

By opting for this option a consumer can apply for mutation in connection name. if due to any sell and purchase of land or premise on which an electricity connection was previously issued by the electricity department then the consumer can change the owner name using this option of rural service request. document required shall be an affidavit from both seller and purchaser and proof of owner change like sale deed, registry of land, or rent registration paper.

Electricty Bill correction/ bill revision Request

If consumer electricity bill comes on an average unit basis like on IDF, RDF, CDF bill basis. It means the bill is not made on unit-based and there is some problem in electricity bill. It needs to be corrected. so by opting for this option any bill can be corrected. but the meter must be in working condition. Otherwise, consumers shall opt for the meter replacement option first then after bill correction should be applied for. so online electricity bill revision in uppcl can be done by this option on portal.

Category Change

Category change means types of use electricity supply by consumer or we can say for what purpose electricity supply is being used like domestic purpose or irrigation purpose or industrial purpose etc. as we know using electricity in another category instead of for which it is released is illegal. so many a time consumer needs to change his supply type/ category of electricity connection to avoid the illegal charges by the department.

Meter related requests / meter replacement complain-

If the electric meter of any consumer gets burnt or went no display then for its replacement consumer can apply by opting for this option. the department shall replace the consumer’s meter within the time-bound limit. the consumer can also make a complaint about the meter running fast through this option. the department shall install a check meter in parallel to the main meter for 15 days. then after an officer of the meter section shall make a report of meter performance by comparing the main meter and check the meter.

PD Requests /Permanant Disconnection Request

If a consumer wants to terminate his electrical connection agreement with the electricity department. or we can say if the consumer wants to disconnect his connection permanently due to he is not want to use electricity anymore. then he can opt for this option.

Load change

a consumer can apply for sanction load extension and reduction also using this portal. the only required document has to be uploaded by the consumer. department officer will check the site of the consumer and verify the load through the meter installed on the consumer premise.

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