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Kilowatts (kW) and ampere (A) both are essential parameters of an electrical circuit. Many a time we know the kW rating of a load and we are required to get an ampere rating. In this article, we will learn how to calculate the ampere load of ac supply from the kW rating. Also by using kW to amps calculator we easily calculate amps from kW. This calculator also called 3 phase power calculator kW to amps.

AC single phase kilowatts to amps calculation

Watt is the parameter to calculate how much power is consumed by a load and how much power can be delivered to a circuit. If for any single-phase ac circuit power kW is known then using the following formula and calculation we can easily calculate the amperage and also, we can obtain the same result from the above KW to the amps calculator.

P (KW) = √3* VL-N * I * Cosθ /1000

I= P(KW)*1000/ √3* VL-N * Cosθ

where V= Phase voltage;
P= Power or load in kw;
Cosθ = Power factor ;
VL-N =Phase to line voltage ;

Example: For 2 kW single phase ac supply and voltage (phase to neutral)= 230v and PF= 0.9

I= P(KW)*1000/ √3* V * Cosθ
I= 2*1000/ √3 *230*.9= 9.66 AMP

Hence 2KW = 9.66 AMP single phase ac supply ;

AC three phase kilowatts to amps calculation

Similarly, in the case of AC three-phase supply if watt is known then ampere rating can be calculated as follow the same result can be found using above 3 phase power calculator kW to amps :

P (KW) = √3*VL-L * I * Cosθ /1000
I= P(KW)*1000/ √3* VL-L * Cosθ VL-L= line voltage
P= Power or load in kw;
Cosθ = Power factor ;
VL-L =Phase to Phase voltage ;

Example: For 2 kW three-phase ac supply and line voltage (Phase to phase)= 415v and PF= 0.9

I= P(KW)*1000/ √3* VL-L * Cosθ ;
I= 2*1000/ √3 *415*0.9 = 5.5 A
Hence 2kw= 3.09 Amp AC three phase

AC three-phase supply with line to neutral voltage calculation

In the case of AC three-phase supply if watt and phase to neutral voltage is known then ampere rating can be calculated as follow :

P (kW) = 3*VL-N * I * Cosθ /1000 ;
I= P(kW)*1000/ 3*VL-N * Cosθ

P= Power or load in kw;
Cosθ = Power factor ;
VL-N =Phase to neutral voltage ;

Example: For 2 kW three-phase ac supply and Phase voltage (Phase to neutral)= 230v and PF= 0.9

I= P(kW)*1000/ 3*VL-N * Cosθ ;
I=2*1000/3*230*0.9= 3.21 Amp ;

DC kilowatts to amps (kW to amps chart)

1.0 kW9.09 A4.55 A
2.0 kW18.18 A9.09 A
3.0 kW27.27 A13.64 A
4.0 kW36.36 A18.18 A
7.5 kW68.18 A34.09 A
11.0 kW100.00 A50.00 A
15.0 kW136.36 A68.18 A
18.5 kW168.18 A84.09 A
22.0 kW200.00 A100.00 A
30.0 kW272.73 A136.36 A
37.0 kW336.36 A168.18 A
45.0 kW409.09 A204.55 A
55.0 kW500.00 A250.00 A
75.0 kW681.82 A340.91 A
90.0 kW818.18 A409.09 A
110.0 kW1000.00 A500.00 A

Single phase kilowatts to amps (kW to amps chart) at a P.F. of 0.95

1.0 kW8.77 A4.78 A4.58 A
1.1 kW9.65 A5.26 A5.03 A
1.5 kW13.16 A7.18 A6.86 A
2.0 kW17.54 A9.57 A9.15 A
2.2 kW19.30 A10.53 A10.07 A
3.0 kW26.32 A14.35 A13.73 A
4.0 kW35.09 A19.14 A18.31 A
5.5 kW48.25 A26.32 A25.17 A
7.5 kW65.79 A35.89 A34.32 A
11.0 kW96.49 A52.63 A50.34 A
15.0 kW131.58 A71.77 A68.65 A
18.5 kW162.28 A88.52 A84.67 A
22.0 kW192.98 A105.26 A100.69 A
30.0 kW263.16 A143.54 A137.30 A
37.0 kW324.56 A177.03 A169.34 A
45.0 kW394.74 A215.31 A205.95 A
55.0 kW482.46 A263.16 A251.72 A
75.0 kW657.89 A358.85 A343.25 A
90.0 kW789.47 A430.62 A411.90 A
110.0 kW964.91 A526.32 A503.43 A
132.0 kW1157.89 A631.58 A604.12 A
160.0 kW1403.51 A765.55 A732.27 A
200.0 kW1754.39 A956.94 A915.33 A
250.0 kW2192.98 A1196.17 A1144.16 A
315.0 kW2763.16 A1507.18 A1441.65 A
355.0 kW3114.04 A1698.56 A1624.71 A
400.0 kW3508.77 A1913.88 A1830.66 A
500.0 kW4385.96 A2392.34 A2288.33 A
560.0 kW4912.28 A2679.43 A2562.93 A
630.0 kW5526.32 A3014.35 A2883.30 A
710.0 kW6228.07 A3397.13 A3249.43 A
800.0 kW7017.54 A3827.75 A3661.33 A
900.0 kW7894.74 A4306.22 A4118.99 A
1000.0 kW8771.93 A4784.69 A4576.66 A

Three phase kilowatts to amps (kW to amps chart) at a P.F. of 0.95

1.0 kW2.76 A2.17 A1.46 A1.38 A0.88 A
1.1 kW3.04 A2.39 A1.61 A1.52 A0.97 A
1.5 kW4.14 A3.26 A2.20 A2.07 A1.32 A
2.0 kW5.53 A4.34 A2.93 A2.76 A1.76 A
2.2 kW6.08 A4.78 A3.22 A3.04 A1.94 A
3.0 kW8.29 A6.51 A4.39 A4.14 A2.64 A
4.0 kW11.05 A8.68 A5.86 A5.53 A3.52 A
5.5 kW15.19 A11.94 A8.05 A7.60 A4.84 A
7.5 kW20.72 A16.28 A10.98 A10.36 A6.61 A
11.0 kW30.39 A23.88 A16.11 A15.19 A9.69 A
15.0 kW41.44 A32.56 A21.97 A20.72 A13.21 A
18.5 kW51.11 A40.16 A27.09 A25.55 A16.29 A
22.0 kW60.78 A47.75 A32.22 A30.39 A19.38 A
30.0 kW82.88 A65.12 A43.93 A41.44 A26.42 A
37.0 kW102.21 A80.31 A54.19 A51.11 A32.59 A
45.0 kW124.31 A97.67 A65.90 A62.16 A39.64 A
55.0 kW151.94 A119.38 A80.55 A75.97 A48.44 A
75.0 kW207.19 A162.79 A109.84 A103.59 A66.06 A
90.0 kW248.63 A195.35 A131.80 A124.31 A79.27 A
110.0 kW303.88 A238.76 A161.09 A151.94 A96.89 A
132.0 kW364.65 A286.51 A193.31 A182.33 A116.27 A
160.0 kW442.00 A347.29 A234.32 A221.00 A140.93 A
200.0 kW552.50 A434.11 A292.89 A276.25 A176.16 A
250.0 kW690.63 A542.64 A366.12 A345.32 A220.20 A
315.0 kW870.19 A683.72 A461.31 A435.10 A277.45 A
355.0 kW980.70 A770.55 A519.89 A490.35 A312.69 A
400.0 kW1105.01 A868.22 A585.79 A552.50 A352.32 A
500.0 kW1381.26 A1085.28 A732.23 A690.63 A440.40 A
560.0 kW1547.01 A1215.51 A820.10 A773.51 A493.25 A
630.0 kW1740.39 A1367.45 A922.62 A870.19 A554.91 A
710.0 kW1961.39 A1541.09 A1039.77 A980.70 A625.37 A
800.0 kW2210.02 A1736.44 A1171.58 A1105.01 A704.64 A
900.0 kW2486.27 A1953.50 A1318.02 A1243.14 A792.72 A
1000.0 kW2762.52 A2170.55 A1464.47 A1381.26 A880.80 A


So, through this article “kW to Amps Calculator” we can find amperage from kilowatts if we know the voltage of the circuit using electrcial Watt’s law. that states that current = power ÷ voltage. In Watt’s Law, power is measured in watts and voltage is measured in volts. The formula will solve for current in amp.

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