How to detect electricity theft

How to detect electricity theft

In many cases, it is required to get info regarding whether it is electricity theft in any domestic house or factory or not. Then what step has to be taken to get detection of theft in the premise. In this article, we will see two ways to get How to detect electricity theft.


To detect electricity theft done though making meter bypass in the wall of the house. means cable is bypassed secretly in the house wall the following step has to be followed.

1-Turn off main circuit breakers (MCB)

2-Turn off all inverter and battery supply

3-Now switch on one or two electrical equipment

If electrical equipment still running on switching off the all MCB and inverter connection then it is clear that the meter has been bypassed somewhere within the wall. and electrical equipment is getting supply from that bypass supply source.


To check any theft/leakage from any consumer premise

  • Turn off all your circuit breakers.
  • Note the meter’s reading.
  • Go away and come back 24 hours later.

If your meter reading now is even slightly different from the prior reading, then something is using power by some means other than through your circuit breakers.

If the reading is identical, turn all your breakers back on again but unplug everything and turn off all the light switches.

Note the meter’s reading (it may be slightly different from your most recent reading).

Go away and come back 24 hours later.

If your meter reading is now slightly different, after 24 hours, then something is apparently using power through your breaker panel but not through your outlets and light fixtures.

Type of electricity theft

What are the types of electricity theft let us describe one by one.

Direct hooking from line/ katiya

What’s known as “cable hooking” is the most used method. 80% of global power theft is by direct tapping from the line. The consumer taps into a power line from a point ahead of the energy meter. This energy consumption is unmeasured and procured with or without switches. It can cause severe electric shock or fire outbreak.

Bypassing the energy meter

In this method, the input terminal and output terminal of the energy meter is bridged, preventing the energy from registering in the energy meter. or useing energy by putting extra cable, cutting main service cable before meter to bypass meter.

Injecting foreign element in the energy meter

Meters are manipulated via a remote by installing a circuit inside the meter so that the meter can be slowed down at any time. This kind of modification can evade external inspection attempts because the meter is always correct unless the remote is turned on.

Physical obstruction

This type of tampering is done to in electromecanical type of meters with a rotating element. Foreign material is placed inside the meter to obstruct the free movement of the disc. A slower rotating disk signals less energy consumption.How to detect electricity theft.

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