Electrical Material Rate List UPPCL

In UPPCL what is the cost of the material that is used in the time of construction of the LT line and HT line. For example, what is the rate of PCC pole, STP pole, and transformer? If one knows the cost of all the above-mentioned materials, then the cost of construction of the LT line and HT line can be calculated. in this article with the heading “Electrical Material Rate List UPPCL” we will describe the rate of PCC pole, rate of STP pole, rate of the transformer, etc.

Electrical material Price list

During construction of lt and ht line material used in its construction are described with their price below-

Sr. no. Particulars Unit (Rs.) Rate
1P.C.C. Pole 8.5 MNo.2721
2S. T.P. PoleNo.15049
3Stone Pad 300x300x75 mmNo.140
4L.T. Clamp with bolt & NutNo.304
5Earth wire clampNo.304
6L.T. Shackle insulatorNo.36
7Bolt & Nut for Shackle insulatorKg.194
8Loop guard complete 3-PhaseNo.46
9Loop guard complete 1-PhaseNo.35
10Phase wire ACSR WeaselKm.23984
11Neutral cum earth wireKg.142
12Aluminium binding wireKg.247
13Jointing Sleeve for WeaselNo.103
14Spacer L.T. P.V.C.No.80
15Extra for stay at angle LocationNo.1961
16Concreting of supportNo.856
17Earthing completeNo.838
18Concreting of stayNo.370

Cost of Distribution Transformer in UPPCL

Here the cost of the transformer is indicated in the list below. But in some places, the cost of the transformer is indicated with a double pole system. For example, the cost of a 25 kVA only transformer is 56780 Rs. while the cost of a transformer with a double pole system is 126168 Rs. In UPPCL cost of distribution transformer, those are used in the distribution network are listed below-

Sr. no. CapacityCost of Distribution transformer 
116 KVA Single Phase Transformer35354
225 KVA Aluminium Wound Transformer56780
363 KVA Aluminium Wound Transformer104596
4100 KVA Aluminium Wound Transformer136710
5250 KVA Copper Wound Transformer393067
6400 KVA Copper Wound Transformer619236
7630 KVA Copper Wound Transformer964785


in UPPCL of UTTAR PRADESH, The cost of 25 kva transformer with PCC double pole substation is 126168 rs. and material used in making of substation on double pole system will be as follow-


Cost of 1 km LT Line / cost of 1 km H T line

In UPPCL of UP if know the rate of 1 KM LT or HT Line then we can easily calculate the cost of any length of the line.

As we know the cost of a 1 km LT/ HT line is ₹ 200224 means ₹ 200/ meter.
The cost of 200 meter HT line will be- 200* 200= ₹ 40000 /-
The cost of 100 meter LT line will be- 100*200= ₹ 20000/-
Cost of line= 200* length of the line in meter.
Its calculation of 1 km line cost is as follow-

Cost of 1 km LT Line / cost of 1 km H T line

Hence the cost of 1 meter of LT Line or HT Line will be 200 ₹ for 3 phase line and 150 ₹ for single-phase line.

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