Cable size calculator for motor

Cable size calculator for motor

For different type of motor what should be cable size that can be calculated by this calculator


Cable size calculator for Motor

Motor full load current :
Copper cable size :

Factor affecting cable size

Calculating the proper cable size for a given amperage involves a few different factors. Here's a general process you can follow:

  1. Determine the amperage of the circuit: You need to know how many amps the circuit will be carrying. This information can typically be found on the equipment or in the electrical specifications.
  2. Determine the distance of the circuit: You need to know how far the electricity needs to travel, as this will affect the resistance of the cable.
  3. Determine the voltage drop: Based on the amperage and distance, you need to calculate the voltage drop that will occur along the cable. The maximum voltage drop allowed varies depending on the application, but a common guideline is to limit it to 3% or less.
  4. Determine the cable size: Based on the amperage, distance, and voltage drop, you can use a cable size chart or formula to determine the appropriate cable size. This will typically involve selecting a cable with a diameter that can accommodate the amperage while still minimizing the voltage drop.

It's important to note that there are many factors that can affect cable size, such as ambient temperature, insulation type, and the number of conductors in the cable. Consulting a qualified electrician or engineer is recommended to ensure that the cable is properly sized for the specific application.

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